We cater for all your needs


No worries about fitting you in. We can always find a space for you

f7If you get a small splinter or graze, we have someone to attend to you.

Baz won’t allow un-ruly behavior and sends in Pete, Rog and Bill the first signs of trouble

f21When the crane breaks down, there’s always the grabber to lift your boat.

f41You can obtain your Propane and Gas bottles at the yard

f15You can always take a relaxing boat trip on the very popular Sandwich river bus.

f82We take boatyard security very seriously.. as you can see.

f121For the ladies we have Pedro, our odd job man, who runs a daily ladies keep fit club.

f91just one of our modern bbq utilities for your use

f14There’s none of that hanging about when Baz puts your boat in the water.

f51Recycling – You can recycle all those useless items you once loved and cherished

f61We have the most up to date toilet utilities at your disposal

f172Here’s one of the super water homes arriving. This is the deluxe model with sun chair.

f185Baz insists on a very strict dress code at the yard at all times

f19Baz’s runaround. It’s a shame there’s a 8 knot limit on the river

hipposWhy not pop down to the seal colony where the power station used to be?.

carparkBaz is considering moving the car parking area away from the river.

chairboatWe offer a boat hire service for those unfortunate enough not to own their own boat. Prices vary.