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Marina News March 2019

Price Increases – You may have noticed that our new prices were uploaded to this site on the 1st of March. Unfortunately due to rising supplier costs I have had no alternative than to increase some of our fees. We are still very competitively priced and introduce offers now and again. Please note that not all our fees increased. The new prices are effective from 1st April 2019.

Current Offer – The ‘Winter Lay-up Offer’ ends 31st March 2019 after which full rates apply. Please keep an eye on the home page for any upcoming offers.

2019 Conservancy Fees – Please remember to pay your £85.00 Conservancy Fee by the 1st of April if you have a vessel moored here. Details of how to pay can be found on the Sandwich Port & Haven Commissioners website or alternatively if you prefer you can bring your payment to my office at Sandwich Marina.

Slipway Use – Please remember to book the slipway in advance by contacting the office as it may already be in use.

Security – I would politely like to remind you not to share our gate code with strangers as it compromises our security.

General Maintenance – I would like to politely remind owners of boats on the hard standing to keep the immediate area around and beneath your vessel clear. The landscaping season will soon be here and in order to keep the yard maintained to a desirable standard the strimmer operator needs to be able to navigate areas safely without unnecessary obstructions. Thank you.

Stour News – Sandwich Port & Haven Commissioners have two newly appointed Commissioners, Mr Nicholas Gray and Mr Russ Pullen. SP&HC are also in the process of appointing a new Harbour Master. I will update the news page once this has been confirmed.

Windy Weather – After having been hit by strong winds just recently has prompted me to remind you to make sure that your property here at Sandwich Marina is not at risk of being blown around the yard or into the river. If you have a vessel that is under cover please ensure that there is nothing loose that if blown free could cause injury or harm to any person or persons property.

Fund Raising – As supporters of the USN P22 Trust we are now selling Easter Raffle tickets from the office. The prizes are £100, £50 and £25. The proceeds will contribute to ongoing maintenance costs of the P22. The raffle will be drawn on Easter Sunday (21st April) at the New Inn, Sandwich at 3pm.

Neighbourly Love! – At last I can inform you that the long anticipated return challenge of a darts match between Sandwich Marina and Sandwich Sailing & Motor Boat Club eventually went ahead! Sadly the ‘Marina Marauders’ came a very close second place (we lost)!! We are now considering ideas for the next challenge so please feel free to email in any suggestions!

Dates to Remember – Good Friday 19th April Easter Sunday 21st April

BH Monday 22nd April
Sandwich Salutes the 40’s Weekend - 4th, 5th & 6th May


January News Update


A rare opportunity has arisen for the post of Part Time

Harbour Master

For the Port & Haven of Sandwich – a Trust Port

Part time means something in the region of 200 to 300 hours per year keeping an eye on what takes place on the river and upholding The Haven Byelaws.  A knowledge of the river would be desirable, but training/familiarity on its peculiarities will be given.  Good interpersonal skills are required in engaging with the many and varied Stakeholders from boat owners to business’s with a river connection, as well as the Nature Conservation interests on the margins and at the mouth of the river.

Persons who would like to express an interest for this role should write to:

Mrs Andrea Kelly
Clerk to The Commissioners
Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners
The Quay

CT13 9EN
It is intended that the new Harbour Master will be in post in readiness for the coming summer season which is deemed to commence at Easter.

Marina News - January 2019

Christmas Party – We would like to thank everyone who came to our Annual Christmas Bash and especially to Mr & Mrs Turner who once again very generously gave us a beautiful freshly made gateau from their very own bakery which was absolutely stunning. Thank you also for the lovely presents and cards.

Christmas Raffle – As keen supporters and volunteers of the P22 Gun Boat which is moored at Sandwich Quay we are pleased to announce that their Christmas Raffle raised £1,049.00 for the USN P22 Trust.

Current Offer – Our ‘Winter Lay-up Offer’ is still running and has proven to be even more popular than last year hence we have limited space left. However this does not mean we are unable to accommodate your needs so do please contact us.

General Maintenance – As always maintenance of the yard is ongoing in many areas but welcomed by all. Newly fenced off areas have definitely improved the site. There are still a couple of eyesore areas that are on the ‘to do’ list but overall space is being better utilised.

Stour News – Since the sinking of the Southern Queen another vessel further inland along the river Stour sank. Therefore we would like to remind boat owners to check that their ropes are fit for purpose that their vessels are moored securely, batteries charged and bilge pumps are in good working order. If any of our customers have any concerns relating to the safety of their vessel or any other, we urge you to come and see us or alternatively call us.

Keep warm this winter – Now that winter has arrived and the possibility of icy spell is on the horizon please ensure that you keep safe and warm. To all live-aboard’s please check that you have enough gas especially over the weekends. If your water pipes froze last year it may be an idea to consider alternative water sources if the temperature is due to plummet.

Safety – Above all else safety is paramount. If we encounter wet or freezing conditions please be extra cautious using pontoons and walkways.


Marina News - September 2018

Marina News – September 2018

Offers – You will find details of our ‘Winter Lay-up Offer’ on our home page, spaces are going fast so it is advisable to book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

General Maintenance – We are continuing to develop and clean up areas of the yard, therefore you will see some boat movements over the coming weeks and some welcomed improvements in areas.

For Sale – If you haven’t already noticed we have a ‘For Sale’ page on which different nautical items will be advertised as well as boats.  If you would like any more information about an item that that has caught your eye please contact us and we will put you in touch with the owner.

Sandwich Marina v SSMBC – Unfortunately as of yet we still haven’t managed to compete in the ‘Darts Challenge’ hence I don’t have any results to share this time!

Sandwich Arts Week – Our neighbourly ‘Sandwich Sailing and Motor Boat Club’ is one of the venues on the Sandwich Arts Week Trail. The venue will be open on the Saturday 22nd of September and  we are proud to inform you that Andrew Baldwin will be exhibiting some of his fantastic and extremely creative mechanical sculptures and Jason Pay a selection of his stunning local photographs.  The venue will be open during 1pm and 11pm and free teas and coffees will be on offer. The bar onboard the Club House Barge will be open.

Stour NewsAs some of you may already know the Sandwich River Bus the ‘Southern Queen’ sadly became submerged close to her pontoon recently (see image below).

Sandwich Quay

The good news is that due to the help of many volunteers and our large pump a huge and successful effort was made to refloat her.  I can now report that she is safely on dry land here at Sandwich Marina awaiting reports of her condition in order to decide her fate.  We are all hoping that she will be back in business as quickly as possible.


Arriving at Sandwich Marina

End of Season – After a long hot Summer Autumn is upon us and we are now looking ahead and preparing for the coming cooler months.  We are looking forward to seeing the familiar faces of customers who return each year for routine maintenance and winter lay-up.  For those of you who perhaps are considering coming here for the first time I would like you to know that we do offer winterisation programmes tailored to suit your needs and that you are welcome to visit us here at Sandwich Marina.  If you would like to pop in for a coffee and a chat please just give us a call on 01304 614813 or email us through our contacts page.


Enjoy the last of the fair weather and sunshine while it’s still here


Marina News July 2018

Marina News – July 2018

Offers – Our Summer Offer is now available, the details of which can be found by following the link on our home page. The offer is available to new and returning customers who may want to have their boat lifted out for the short term.

Boats for Sale – Keep an eye on our ‘Boats for Sale’ page as we will soon be displaying images of some of those that are looking for a new owner.  Also please be sure to visit Highway Marine’s website as the majority of our customers advertise their boats using Highway Marines successful brokerage service.

Boat Maintenance – Having been blessed with the sunshine it seems that enthusiasm levels are raised and more owners are working on their boats.  Therefore I would like to take the opportunity to remind drivers to keep their speed down in order to reduce the dust clouds as owners maybe painting their vessels.

Moorings – Moorings are still in high demand but this does not mean that vacancies never arise.  Please remember that we do have a waiting list and that you can enquire as often as you like.

Sandwich Port & Haven CommissionersJust a gentle reminder to all new or potentially new boat owners.  Conservancy fees must be paid annually to SP&HC if you are moored on the water.  For more information please visit their website at http://www.sandwichphc.uk/

Hard standing – There is availability for storage on the hard standing but unfortunately we cannot accept any more live-aboards as our facilities can only accommodate so many.

Business Rental Opportunity - Our new fenced off yard area of approximately 70 x 30ft complete with two storage containers and separate office space is still available for rental.  If you are interested and would like book a viewing please call us on 01304 614 813

Neighbourly Love! – For all of you who have been following our news page we the ‘Marina Marauders’ were triumphant at the ten pin bowling challenge against Sandwich Sailing and Motor Boat Club!  We have now been challenged to a darts competition, results of which will be announced in our next news letter.

Enjoy the sunshine but don’t forget to top up on the sun cream and fluids!


Marina News – May 2018

Offers – Our Spring Offer will be coming to an end on the 31st of this month, so keep checking our website and facebook pages for the details of our Summer Offer. Details of which will be available soon.

It was lovely to see familiar faces returning with their boats for routine maintenance and it’s such a good feeling knowing that we can show how much we appreciate their custom by being able to offer package deals.

We would also like to warmly welcome all our new customers that have arrived here so far this year and a fond farewell to a couple of our lovely customers who have now moved away.

Boats for Sale – To anyone who feels they would love nothing more than to own a small boat project please feel free to arrange to drop in and see us as we may just have the very thing for you.

Boat Maintenance – If you wish to come here for routine maintenance it is not too late as we have allocated areas for short term stays. We can also offer you a discounted rate.

Moorings – Unfortunately we do not have any mooring availability and there is no telling when one will become vacant. You can be added to our mooring waiting list at any time free of charge.

Hard standing – We do have hard standing available short and long term, so if you are interested please give us a call or email us (details to be found on our contacts page).

Marina improvements – The yard is definitely looking improved in certain areas, something that is a work in progress. We have reorganised one or two areas which has allowed us to not only gain valuable space but is now more pleasing to the eye.

Business Rental Opportunity - A new fenced off yard area complete with two storage containers and separate office space is available for rental. If you are interested and feel that you can contribute to the current services that we offer our customers please feel free to contact us on 01304 614 813

Office Extension – The office extension is almost complete, just a few finishing touches left to do. It lends itself to being a quite place where customers are able if they wish to discuss confidential or sensitive information.

NEW IN – We now stock some of the products from the award winning ‘August RaceTM’ range. We have already ourselves used the ‘Liquid Rib’ cleaner, ‘Boat Wash Pro’ and ‘Vinyl Bright’ and are extremely pleased with the end results. For further details about the products please visit www.august-race.com or come to our office and pick up a leaflet.

Neighbourly Love! – We have finally agreed a date for our Ten Pin Bowling Challenge! So keep your eyes peeled for the results in the next news page.

Summertime – With the fairer weather finally here we hope to see more of our customers maintaining or enjoying their boats. Those of you who are fortunate enough to enjoy the water, whether it be to venture upstream or down, please remember to wear your lifejackets and to also please respect the 8 knot maximum mandatory speed limit.


Marina News March 2018

Marina News – March 2018

New Arrival! – We would like to welcome our new team member, Jason.  Along with his nautical knowledge and great enthusiasm he is already proving to be a valuable member of staff.

Storage – We currently have a 40ft container available for rent.  Please call 01304 614 813 for more details.  If you would like us to contact you when a 10, 20, 30 or 40ft container becomes available please let us know and we will add you to our waiting list.

Shower /Toilet Facilities – The new flooring has at last been laid! Please remember that dogs are not allowed in either the shower room or toilet.

Website – The website is still a work in progress but if you have a peek you will see that we have uploaded new prices that are effective from the 1st April 2018 until the 31st of March 2019.

Spring Offer – Our Spring offer has now been uploaded to the website.  You may notice that it is advertised for new or returning customers only but that does not mean that we cannot offer our current customers a fair deal if they wish to have their vessel lifted out of the water.

Marina improvements – We are concentrating on areas of the marina that need re-organising and at the same time clearing of unnecessary rubbish and abandoned effects.  In doing so we feel that we are setting an example and hope that it encourages others to keep their areas clear of debris.

Access Road – You have probably already noticed that there have been changes to the access road configuration over the last few months.  There is now a point where a blind corner has been created.  Therefore we ask that you take extra care on the approach to the marina and when leaving the Marina.  We also ask that you keep to the left at all times and drive at a sensible speed.

Pontoon progress – Another phase of new pontoons and walkways is now complete.  The next phase is well under way which when placed in position will give us an uninterrupted stretch of new pontoons.

Office Extension – We are at present increasing our office space by adding an extension.  This will be positioned to the rear of the current office.  The idea is that we have a separate area for multifunctional use.

Laundry Service – We now offer a laundry service for liveaboards.  For more details and pricing information please contact the office on 01304 614 813 or simply pop in.

Neighbourly Love! – Sandwich Marina has challenged Sandwich Sailing and Motor Boat Club to a Ten Pin Bowling competition.  The date and venue is yet to be confirmed so if you wish to join one of the teams please contact us on 01304 614 813.

Winter Olympics – Swimming is not on the Winter Olympics agenda, the reason for which was recently discovered by one of our customers who took an unscheduled dip. Therefore we would like to remind our customers that we are here to help and rather than put yourselves at risk just ask one of our team.  Also please take extra care on the pontoons during this wintery spell.

Winter Time Advice - We hope everyone is keeping warm through the cold spell.  Our advice is to use gas appliances/heaters where possible as oppose to overloading your electricity supply.  We also advise everyone to keep their water tanks topped up on board and not to leave hoses and taps running.

Port & Haven Fees – Sandwich Port & Haven Commissioners have increased the Conservancy Fees for reasons which are outlined on their website.  For more information or to make a payment please visit http://www.sandwichphc.uk/


Marina News January 2018

Marina News – January 2018

Available Now!! – Storage is now available in sizes of 10ft, 20ft, 30ft & 40ft. Also if anyone nautically minded is looking for a yard with a 45ft workshop and separate office unit from where they can run their business, please do not hesitate to contact us as we may just have the ideal setup for you!

New CCTV – The newly installed CCTV system has sadly already proved its worth to the company. It was an unexpected incident in which no one was injured and in which none of our staff or customers or their property were involved.

WI-FI - Since introducing WI-FI for marina customers we have taken onboard their feedback and have improved the signal in problem areas.

Shower /Toilet Facilities – The new flooring will be laid within the next few weeks then all that remains to be done is some detailing.

Website Improvements – As you may have noticed we are gradually making improvements to our website and welcome any feedback or suggestions.  

New in 2018 – We are continuing to improve the marina by clearing and developing areas including building new pontoon replacements.

Services - We will be introducing a Shot Blasting and Water Blasting service within the next couple of months. For any enquiries please use either the maintenance tick box submission sheet or simply send us an email through our ‘Contact Us’ Tab.

Offers – Look out for marina offers that will be found under the ‘Services’ tab on our home page. Unless you had booked a lift out prior to 31st December 2017 the Winter Lay-up offer is no longer available but look out for our Spring Offer coming soon.

A thank you to all our customers for the lovely cards and gifts that we received at Christmas, and finally Sandwich Marina wishes you all a Happy New Year and a Great Boating Season for 2018


Marina News November 2017

Containers/Storage - We have containers of different sizes becoming available soon including 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft. We also have a 34ft and 45ft wider insulated units that are ideal for use as workshops. If you are interested in renting any of these spaces please go to the 'Contact' tab where you can email us your details and requirements.

We now have our own facebook page. This is updated regularly so that you are able to see what goes on at the marina on an almost daily basis. As well as the daily goings on other information such as new opening times will be posted on there.

Office Opening Times – Although the marina is staffed all day Monday to Friday until 5:30 pm the office hours have changed. It is now staffed between the hours of 09:00 am and 16:30 pm Monday to Friday and 10:00 am until 13:00 pm on Saturdays.

New CCTV – We have had installed a new high definition CCTV system using leading edge technology. Our Marina now has ANPR cameras situated around the site and the new system comprises of features such as facial recognition, motion detection and alarm activation in order to maximise security.

Wi-Fi - In addition to the CCTV system we have also introduced WI-FI for marina customers. As this is a new service we are offering all customers a free one week trial so that we can collate feedback and make improvements if necessary to ensure we are providing the best WI-FI service possible.

Shower /toilet facilities - We have recently overhauled our onsite shower and toilet facilities which are available for use by all our customers. Once the flooring is replaced the overhaul will be complete.

Pontoon Works - We have replaced and upgraded many of our pontoons over the last few years and still work continues. A large percentage of our pontoons have now been upgraded using an anti-slip fibreglass marine grating the result being a much more attractive aesthetic and most importantly safer access to moorings.

Electricity Supply – We are looking at the possibility of upgrading our current electricity supply system with a wireless one. It is early days but our aim is to have a system that will automatically allocate each customer’s unit consumption to their individual account regardless of which socket they plug into.

Offers – Look out for marina offers that will be found under the ‘Services’ tab on our home page. Currently we are running a Winter Lay-up offer which ends 31st March 2018. On the same page we also have a ‘tick box form’ which you can fill out in order to request prices for Lay-up and Re- commissioning services. This form is for services provided all year round and our pricing will reflect any valid current discounts.