Sandwich Marina Ltd, Sandwich Industrial Estate, Sandwich, Kent. CT13 9LY


Marina/Customer Licence Agreement.


Sandwich Marina Ltd:
Operate under the British Marine Federation Terms of Business 1979 (permanently on view in the office). Will endeavour to keep the site safe, clean and well maintained.
Will listen to any concerns or constructive comments made by boat owners. We will prioritise safety issues and work along with customers to improve the community spirit that is current at the marina.
In the event of no customer contact or non-payment of mooring/storage fees for the period of one year, we will without further notice sell the boat to the highest bidder to recover monies owed. Any surplus monies will be returned to or kept for the previous owner.
In the event your mooring is vacant for a lengthy time we reserve the right to temporarily re-let and pass to you 5% of the income gained.
Note: We reserve the right to move any boat for safety and/or convenience reasons.


You the customer:
Will be responsible for the safety of any juvenile in your care or as part of a group visiting you at the marina.
Will be especially vigilant whilst on the pontoons at low tide when they maybe uneven, angled or wet. You must walk on the meshed area for safety.
Will keep the pontoon in your control safe, clear of debris and obstruction. Will report any damage/decay of the pontoon to Marina Personnel in order to aid early repair.
Will ensure your vessel is insured and maintained in a safe and seaworthy condition and that the vessel name is clearly displayed on the bow and stern.
Will keep any garden area you choose to adopt safe and tidy. If your boat is ashore, ensure it is safe by carrying out regular checks with regards to condition, chock safety and stability.
Will keep any dog in your care in sight and under full control at all times whilst at the marina. Will clean up any mess/fouling that is made by the dog. Note: dog fouling is the biggest single issue of concern raised by other boat owners.
Will pay mooring fees one month in advance, these are non-refundable. You will give one months’ notice in writing if you wish to relinquish your mooring. Moorings are charged at a minimum of 6 metres. You will inform the marina management of any change of boat ownership. Boats cannot be sold with existing moorings. Sub-letting of moorings is not permitted.
Will pay any outstanding fees or invoices before your vessel can be removed from the marina.
Will be liable for any costs incurred in the event that your vessel is lifted out for safety reasons or non-payment of moorings.
Will pay (if liable) Conservancy Fees direct to Sandwich Port & Haven Commissioners. Please go to their website for more details at (we reserve the right to pass on contact details of those whose fees remain unpaid).


Speed Limits:
There is a mandatory speed limit of 8 knots along this river. Please note that when passing moorings you must lower your speed in order to reduce your stern wave (please look behind you). This will prevent damage being caused to vessels and moorings.